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1. Hydraulic hammer piling

Hydraulically operated hammers are a relatively new type of piling hammer, where the ram is lifted hydraulically and then either left to fall freely or accelerated. They are very efficient because most of the total hammer mass is in the ram. The drop height can be controlled precisely by the operator. The hydraulic system can operate automatically with minimal operator input and is suited for use with computer controlled load detecting devices. The blow efficiency is very high in comparison to other driving system.

2. Precast reinforced concrete piles

It is most common pile type used in many parts of the world. Precast reinforced concrete piles are commonly manufactured in square and ranging from about 150mm to 400mm, with a maximum section length of up to about 12m. It can take high load-bearing capacity and ready to take loads immediately after installation. The load-bearing capacity in the soil is further increased through the compaction of the soil during impact driving. It is also can even withstand seawater.

3 Spun piles

Spun piles are easier to handle and drive because of the high strength to weight ratio and allows a wider choice of rig and hammer size. It is spun in accurately dimensioned steel moulds, which has a smooth dense finish. This allows designers to take advantage of the economies of extended pile construction, where strength and aesthetics are demanded. Therefore, can be confidently used in all ground conditions. These piles are designed to suit both driven and potted applications and various strength types and lengths are available. Besides, these piles have fewer driving problems. The circular section eliminates misalignment and torsion stresses experienced with multi-sided piles.

4. Steel H piles

Steel H piles have been widely used because of their ease of ease of handling and driving. A wide range of pile sizes is available, with different grades of steel. Its small cross-sectional area combined with high strength makes penetration easier in firm soil. The lateral displacement of the soil during driving is low, hence, it is useful in urban areas or adjacent to structures where heave of the surrounding ground may cause problems.

5. Pre-boring

This method loosens the soil by means of boring a hole to sufficient diameter through the difficult soil layer into which receive the pile must be installed. Pre-boring may also be required on sites where it is important to avoid soil displacement.